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Asabi (♀)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "one of select birth." African
Ashaki (♀)West african female name meaning "beautiful." African
Ashia (♀)Somali female name referring to the prophet muhammed's favorite wife. African
Asmina (♀)Female name of the nubian peoples of southern sudan. African
Assaggi (♀)Zimbabwe name meaning "strong." African
Asura (♀)Swahili and hausa name for female children born during the muslim month of ashur. African
Atsukpi (♀)Ewe of ghana name for a female twin. African
Aurora (♀)"dawn." according to ancient greek mythology, aurora is the goddess of the dawn. aurora was mother of memnon, king of aethiopia, whose african troops came to the aid of the trojans at troy.she is also known as eos. African
Ayan (♀)Somali female name meaning "bright." African
Ayana (♀)Ethiopian female name meaning "beautiful flower." African
Ayo (♀)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "joy." African
Aza (♀)Swahili name meaning "powerful." African
Azinza (♀)The word for "mermaid" in the mina language of togo. African
Aziza (♀)Somali name meaning "gorgeous." African
Azmera (♀)Male and female name in both amharic and tigrinya languages of means "harvest." bahatiAfrican
Acca (♀)"from acca." Anglo
Aedre (♀)"stream." Anglo
Aefentid (♀)"evening." Anglo
Aefre (♀)"forever." Anglo
Aethelflaed (♀)Sister of king edward. Anglo
Aethelthryth (♀)Wife of king ecgfrith. Anglo
Alodia (♀)"rich."variant, alodie, exists. Anglo
Alodie (♀)See alodia. Anglo
Andsware (♀)"answer."variant, andswaru, exists. Anglo
Anlicnes (♀)"image."variant, anlicnisse, exists. Anglo
Annis (♀)"unity." Anglo
Ar (♀)"mercy." Anglo
Ardith (♀)"good war." Anglo
Arianrod (♀)"silver wheel." Anglo
Ashley (♀)"dwells at the ash-tree meadow."variants include aisley and aisly. Anglo
Audrey (♀)"noble strength." Anglo
Adibe (♀)"polite." al-hadiyeArabian
Abida (♀)"she who worships"; also a hebrew name meaning "my father knows." Arabic
Abir (♀)Arabic name meaning "fragrant; scent."variant, abeer, exists. Arabic
Ablah, Abla' (♀)Perfectly formed Arabic
Abra (♀)"example; lesson."also a hebrew name meaning "parent of many."variants include abame, abarrane, and abrahana. Arabic
A'dab (♀)Hope; need Arabic
Adara (♀)"virgin."also an greek name meaning "beauty," and a hebrew name meaning "fire." variants, adar and adra, exist. Arabic
Adiba (♀)"cultured; refined; polite." variant, adibah, exists. Arabic
Adila, Adilah, Adeela (♀)Similar; equal Arabic
Adiva (♀)"gentle and agreeable." Arabic
Adlai (♀)From hebrew. "just." more common as a man's name. Arabic
Adra (♀) "virgin." see adara. Arabic
Afaf (♀)Virtuous; pure Arabic
Afifah (♀)Chaste Arabic
Afra (♀)"color of earth." also hebrew, "young deer." variants include affera, affery, affra, aphra. Arabic
Afraima (♀) arabic and hebrew name meaning "fertile." Arabic
Ahd (♀)Pledge; knowledge Arabic
Ahlam (♀)Witty; imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams Arabic
Aida (♀)"reward; present." variant a'idah exists. Arabic
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Nama Bayi

Berikut ini adalah nama-nama bayi yang dapat anda pakai untuk bayi anda. Perhatikan juga arti dari nama-nama tersebut, karena nama merupakan doa.

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