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Adjatay (♁)Cameroon name meaning "prince." African
Adofo (♁)Akan of ghana name meaning "one who loves." African
Adom (♁)Akan of ghana name meaning "help from god" or "god's blessing." African
Adrian (♁)A name used for the nobility class of the betsileo people of central madagascar. African
Adwin (♁)Akan of ghana word meaning "artist" or "thinker." African
Afework (♁)Amharic of ethiopia name meaning "one who speaks only of pleasant things; one who does not speak of bad or evil things." African
Afeworki (♁)Tigrinya of ethiopia equivalent of afework. African
Afram (♁)Akan of ghana name referring to the afram river in ghana's ashanti region. African
Ahmadou (♁)West african name.meaning unknown. African
Akello (♁)Alur of uganda name meaning "i have brought" or "bring forth." African
Akia (♁)African name meaning "first born." African
Akin (♁)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "warrior, hero, brave man."this name is often used in compound names such as akinwole and akintunde. African
Akinwole (♁)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "bravery enters this home." African
Akintunde (♁)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "bravery returns." African
Akinsanya (♁)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "bravery gets revenge." African
Akinyemi (♁)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "fated to be a warrior." African
Alafin (♁)A title meaning "king" once used by the yoruba people of nigeria. African
Ali (♁)Swahili and muslim name meaning "noble, exalted." African
Alpha (♁)Guinean male name meaning "leader." African
Amadi (♁)Ibo of nigeria unisexual name, referring to the sun god, meaning "rejoice." African
Aman (♁)Amharic of ethiopia name meaning "peace."it is often used as a nickname. African
Amare (♁)Amharic and tigrinya of ethiopia name meaning "he is good looking." African
Amari (♁)Yoruba of nigeria name meaning "strength, builder." African
Amazu (♁)Ibo of nigeria name meaning "no one knows everything." African
Anwar (♁)Moorish name meaning "lustrious, bright, shiny." African
Aren (♁)Nigerian name meaning "eagle." also, a scandinavian name meaning "rule" or "eagle." African
Asad (♁)Somalian name meaning "lion." African
Asante (♁)Kiswahili word for "thank you." African
Ashur (♁)Swahili name for a child born during the muslim month of ashur. African
Assefa (♁)Amharic of ethiopia name meaning "he has increased our family by coming into this world." African
Ata (♁)A ghana name for a twin. African
Atu (♁)Fante of ghana name meaning "born on saturday." African
Ayo (♁)Of uncertain african origin.means "happiness." African
Ayub (♁)Muslim name meaning "penitent" and referring to the biblical job. African
Ayubu (♁)Swahili equivalent of ayub, meaning "patience in suffering; perseverence." African
Azekel (♁)Angolanname meaning "praising the lord." African
Azi (♁)Nigerian name meaning "youth." African
Azibo (♁)African name meaning "the whole earth." African
Azikiwe (♁)African name meaning "full of vigor." African
Azizi (♁)Swahili name and kiswahili word meaning "a treasure, excellent; precious one." African
Aart, Arth, Arthur, Artai (♁) like an eagle Anglo
Abeodan (♁)Announce Anglo
Ablendan (♁)Blind Anglo
Abrecan (♁)Storm Anglo
Ace, Acey (♁)Unity Anglo
Acennan (♁)Brings Anglo
Acwellen, Acwel (♁)Kills Anglo
Adamnan (♁)Name of an abbot Anglo
Aelle (♁)Name of several kings Anglo
Aethelbald (♁)A king of mercia Anglo
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