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Abba (♀)Ghanaian name for females born on thursday. African
Abeba (♀)Ethiopian female name meaning "flower." African
Abebi (♀)Yoruba of nigeria female name meaning "we asked and got her" or "we asked for her and she came to us." African
Abena (♀)Akan of ghana name for females born on tuesday. African
Abrihet (♀)Tigrinya of ethiopia female name meaning "she has made it light, she emanates light." African
Acacia (♀)"thorny." African
Achan (♀)Dinka of south sudan name for a female child in the first pair of twins. African
Ada (♀)Ibo of nigeria name for firstborn females. African
Adama (♀)Ibo of nigeria female name meaning "beautiful child" or "queenly." African
Adanech (♀)Amharic and tigrinya of ethiopia female name meaning "she has rescued them." African
Adanna (♀)Ibo of nigeria female name meaning "father's daughter." African
Adeola (♀)Yoruba of nigeria female name meaning "crown of honor." African
Adetoun (♀)Yoruba of nigeria female name meaning "princess." African
Adhiambo (♀)Luo of kenya name for females born after sunset. African
Adina (♀)Amharic of ethiopia word sometimes used as a female name, meaning "she has saved." African
Adjoa, Adwoa (♀)Akan of ghana names for females born on monday; peace. African
Adowa (♀)Noble. African
Afafa (♀)Ewe of ghana female name for the firstborn child of a second husband. African
Afia (♀)Akan of ghana name for females born on friday. African
Afra (♀)Name meaning "peaceful ruler" used by ancient romans and greeks for females of african origin. African
Afua (♀)Born on friday. African
Afya (♀)Swahili female name (also spelled afiya) and kiswahili word meaning "health."afya bora means "good health." African
Agbenyaga (♀)Ewe of ghana name meaning "life is precious."(could be shortened to nyaga.) African
Aina (♀)Yoruba of nigeria female name meaning "difficult birth," such as a child born with umbilical cord around neck. African
Aisha, Ayisha, Asha (♀) these swahili and arabic female names mean "woman, life, alive" and refer to the muslim prophet muhammed's favored wife. see aisha under the arabic category for more variants. African
Aja (♀)High priestess of mecca. African
Akilah (♀)Intelligent one who reasons. African
Akim (♀)According to an ibibio of nigeria folktale, akim was a gorgeous, fat, young woman made of oil who melted in the sun while doing farm labor. African
Akosua (♀)Akan or ahsanti of ghana name for females born on sunday. African
Akpenamawu (♀)Ewe of ghana name meaning "thanks to god."the ghanaian short form of this name is akpena. African
Akua (♀)Akan of ghana name for females born on wednesday. African
Alitash (♀)Amharic of ethiopia female name meaning "may i not lose you, may i find you always my precious."may be shortened to tash. African
Amaor Amma (♀)Akan people of ghana name for females born on saturday.also a west african name meaning "happy." African
Amachi (♀)Ibo of nigeria name meaning "who knows what god has brought us through this child." African
Amanishakhete (♀)The name of one of the candaces, or queen mothers, of the nubian kingdom of kush (now northern sudan).this name could be shortened to amani, itself a kiswahili word meaning "peace." African
Amara (♀)In the legends of abyssinia (now ethiopia) amara is the name for paradise.also, "amara" is a kiswahili word meaning "urgent business." African
Amber (♀)Muslim female name meaning "amber, brownish-yellow," or "jewel." African
Amina (♀)Somali and muslim female name meaning "trustful, honest" and referring to muhammed's mother. this name is popular with the hausa of west africa. African
Aminata (♀)A popular female name among the wolof of senegal. African
Aminia (♀)A kiswahili word meaning "to believe in." African
Anaya (♀)Ibo of eastern nigeria name meaning "look up to god." African
Andromeda (♀)"ruler of men."according to greek mythology, andromeda married perseus, who had saved her from medusa, a monster of the sea.andromeda was said to be an aethiopian (meaning african) princess.ancient aethiopians considered perseus and andromeda the progenitors of the black race. African
Annakiya (♀)This means "sweet face" in hausa language. African
Anulika (♀)Ibo of eastern nigeria name meaning "happiness is the best." African
Anyango (♀)Af of kenya name meaning "friend." African
Aphrodite (♀)The mythological greek goddess of love and beauty who is sometimes depicted as being of black african origin.aphrodite means "born of the foam of the sea." African
Aret (♀)Ibibio of nigeria name for female children born on market day, called edet. African
Armani (♀)Derivative of imani, meaning "faith." African
Artemis (♀)In greek mythology, artemis is goddess of the moon and the hunt.she is known as "the lady of wild things."this virgin goddess, who is sometimes depicted as being black african, is apollo's twin sister.artemis means "source of water." African
Arusi (♀)Swahili name for girls born at the time of a wedding."arusi" is the kiswahili word for wedding. African
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