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Ebiere (♀) ijaw of niger female name. meaning unknown.African
Effiwat (♀) nigerian female name of unknown origin.African
Efia (♀) fante of ghana name for females born on friday.African
Efra (♀) a popular female name in egypt.African
Eshe (♀) swahili female name meaning "life."African
Esi (♀) ewe and fante of ghana name meaning "born on sunday."African
Esiankiki (♀) a masai and tanzania word meaning "young maiden."African
Esinam (♀) ewe of ghana name meaning "god heard me."African
Eacnung (♀)"bears children." Anglo
Eadgyth (♀)Wife of edward the confessor Anglo
Eadignes (♀)"bliss." Anglo
Easter (♀)Myth name (goddess of the dawn).variant, eostre, exists. Anglo
Eda (♀)"wealthy."variant, edina, exists. Anglo
Edith (♀)"joyous."some variants are edit, edita, editha, edyt, and edyth. Anglo
Edlyn (♀)"princess." some variants include eadlin, edla, edlin, edlynn, and edlynne. Anglo
Edmunda (♀)"wealthy defender." variants, edmee and edmonda, exist. Anglo
Edris, Edrys (♀)"wealthy ruler." Anglo
Eldrida (♀)"wise or prudent advisor."variants, elda and eldride, exist. Anglo
Elene (♀)Name of a poem Anglo
Elga (♀)"elf's spear." Anglo
Ellenweorc (♀)"famous courage." Anglo
Ellette (♀)"little elf." Anglo
Elswyth (♀)"elf from the willow trees." Anglo
Elva (♀)"elf."variant, elvia, exists. Anglo
Elvina (♀)"friend of the elves."variants, elwine and elwyna, exist. Anglo
Engel (♀)"angel." Anglo
Eostre (♀)See easter. Anglo
Erlina (♀)"elfin."some variants are erline, erlene, and aerlene. Anglo
Esma (♀)"kind defender."variant, esme, exists. Anglo
Estra (♀)Myth name Anglo
Etheswitha (♀)Name of a princess Anglo
El-nefous (♀) the soul el-zarkaArabian
Elaine, Elayne, Helain (♀) mother of lancelot Arthurian
Elizabeth (♀)Sister of mark Arthurian
Elsa (♀)Rescued by percival Arthurian
Enid, Enite, Enide (♀) faithful/abused wife Arthurian
Enygeus (♀)Grandmother of percival Arthurian
Ettard, Ettare (♀)Lover of pelleas Arthurian
Edurne (♀)Snow Basque
Eguskine, Eguskina (♀)Sunshine Basque
Edana, Ena (♀)Passionate Celtic
Edna, Ena, Ethne (♀)Fire Celtic
Enid (♀)Geist (spirit) Celtic
Epona (♀)Meaning unknown Celtic
Erina, Erin, Erie, Erea (♀) from ireland Celtic
Etain (♀)A fairy Celtic
Evelyn, Engl, Evelina, Ev (♀) light Celtic
Echa (♀)Unisexual name meaning "give blessing" Chamoru
Erensia, Erencia (♀)Chamoru spanish, "heritage." Chamoru
Ebba (♀)Strength Danish
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