Nama Bayi berawalan C:
NamaArti NamaAsal Nama
Chanya (♀)A taita people of kenya female name; meaning unknown. African
Chicha (♀)A kiswahili word meaning "grated coconut." African
Chiku (♀)A swahili female name meaning "chatterer." African
China (♀)A shona of zimbabwe word for "thursday." African
Chinaka (♀)An ibo of nigeria female name meaning "god decides." African
Chinara (♀)An ibo of nigeria female name meaning "may god receive." African
Circe (♀)According to greek mythology, this african witch transformed the greek troops of odysseus into swine.the classical greek pronunciation of her name is kear-kay. African
Cleopatra (♀)Cleopatra vii reigned as queen of egypt from 51-30 b.c.she was born in 69 b.c. in alexandria, egypt and is believed to have been black african. African
Crispina (♀)A female name meaning "curly haired." African
Cartimandua (♀)Name of a queen of brigantes Anglo
Catherine (♀)"innocent." some variants are cate, catheryn, and cathryn. Anglo
Cearo (♀)"sorrow." Anglo
Chelsea (♀)"port." Anglo
Claennis (♀)"purity." Anglo
Clover (♀)"clover." Anglo
Coventina (♀)Name of a nymph Anglo
Cwen (♀)"queen."variant, cwene, exists. Anglo
Cyst (♀)"best." Anglo
Cala (♀)Castle Arabic
Cantara (♀)Bridge Arabic
Camelot (♀)Arthur's castle (twelfth century) Arthurian
Chelinde, Chelinda (♀)Tristan's grandmother Arthurian
Clarine (♀)Mother of lancelot Arthurian
Clarissant (♀)Sister of gawain Arthurian
Condwiramurs (♀)Wife of percival Arthurian
Cotovatre (♀)Name of a lake Arthurian
Creiddyladl (♀)Daughter of llud Arthurian
Cundry, Cundrie (♀)Woman who condemns percival Arthurian
Catalin (♀)Form of katherine (pure) Basque
Caoilfhionn, Keelin (♀)Slender and comely Celtic
Cara (♀)Friend Celtic
Carmel (♀)From the vineyard Celtic
Cary, Carey (♀)The dark one Celtic
Cinnia, Cinnie (♀)Beauty Celtic
Cordelia (♀)Of the sea Celtic
Coventina (♀)Water goddess Celtic
Camarin (♀)Shelterer; protector Chamoru
Chamorra (♀)Woman of the chamoru people Chamoru
Chirika, Chichirika (♀)Name of a bird Chamoru
Chubasca (♀)Storm at sea Chamoru
Chan Juan (♀)The moon; graceful; ladylike Chinese
Chang (♀)Free; uninhibited Chinese
Cong (♀)Unisexual name meaning "intelligent; clever" Chinese
Capeka (♀)Little stork Czechoslovakian
Cermaka (♀)Robin Czechoslovakian
Clady (♀)Danish form of claudia (lame) Danish
Chione (♀)Myth name (daughter of the nile) Egyptian
Cleopatra (♀)Name of a queen Egyptian
Cadena, Cadyna (♀)Rhythmic English
Callie, Cally, Calli (♀)Lark English
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